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Miss Victoria Lace

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Miss Victoria Lace

Victoria Lace grew up and still lives in Brooklyn, New York but has deep roots in New Hope, Pa.

She first came to New Hope to compete for the title of “Miss Pennsylvania USofA” in 1997, under the direction of Rick Crosby. After winning the title of “Miss Pennsylvania”, Victoria went on to compete for the national title of Miss USofA.

Victoria made some guest appearances as “Miss Pennsylvania USofA” in the New Hope area. Victoria would travel from New York City, where she still works, to host the drag shows at the Cartwheel Night Club on Monday nights. She did this for 7 years and would stay over at Rick Crosby’s house or at the Raven. Victoria would also work the shows at the Raven hosted by New Hope’s Miss Pumpkin.

She said her mentor Rick Crosby introduced her to so many people in New Hope, including New Hope’s Monica Rey. Victoria said Monica Rey was “the focus I used to stay polished as an entertainer.”

Victoria said that from the first time she stepped foot in New Hope it gave her a warm welcoming feeling, adding, “whatever event or benefit there was the whole town came together for support.”

There was no pressure for Victoria to be herself in New Hope and she said, “the community and the town opened their arms and embraced me. They saw me for what I had to offer and for that I was blessed.”

Through her years, she has made so many friends in town she said she “couldn’t mention one without feeling like I left someone out.” She met friends from John & Peter’s, The Raven, and being invited to countless dinner parties.

She would readily join in on all the fun events in New Hope, making trips from New York whenever she could. Even to this day, Victoria will come out for a visit, being attracted to the diversity of New Hope.

Among her favorite places are Karla’s and still John and Peter’s. She said her friends will show her a great time when she’s here.

Victoria said spending a day in New Hope away from the city makes her feel as if she’s been here for a week. Being in such a fast-paced city as New York, she finds the countryside relaxing and “truly blessed to be here.”

Her favorite memories of New Hope will be winning the Miss Pennsylvania USofA title and stepping into the “big” shoes of Monica Rey as legendary Cartwheel hostess. Another unforgettable moment was hosting the New Hope Celebrates Pride Parade alongside Mayor Larry Keller.

Victoria never thought she would be a part of New Hope for this long. She said, “I brought my own uniqueness as an entertainer, and as a regular human being.” She credits the support the town of New Hope has for each other, making you feel a part of it.

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