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Joey (Aron) Ray II – 1965-2018

DJ Michael Decero, Martha Walsh – Performer, DJ – Manager Joey Ray – At the Cartwheel ’90s

When a sea star loses one of its rays – it has the ability to grow back or regenerate.   It’s not the same with a person and today the world lost one of our rays – Aaron Joseph Ray, 52 in Fort Lauderdale.

Whether it was bringing his Vivian flowers from the cemetery on his way home from Catholic school, watching the Dallas Cowboys, or ranting about politics on FaceBook, Joey was a unique person that was loved by many.

They say a Scorpio is a perfect mix between a sweetheart and a smartass, and that was Joey Ray.  We all have different memories of Joey, but the one thing they have in common was that Joey was a caring person with a sharp wit and a dose of stubbornness.  He was an avid watcher of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and crime dramas.  An avid online poker player, FaceBook quiz master, fireworks lighter, Squirrel whisperer, and Master light-hanger for Misfit Meadows annual light display.

A performer at heart, Joey loved to be on stage.  He rocked the stage with his performance of Bring Me To Life at various drag shows and enjoyed his involvement as a promoter for Miss Gay Pennsylvania USofA pageants.  Also, a lover of karaoke singing some of his favorites – Paradise by the dashboard light, Chasing Cars, Garth Brooks, Englebert Humperdinck, and more.

He spent many hours involved in the local New Hope community.  He competed in the New Hope Open over many years, was a key member of the team that orchestrated the annual benefit party for Peter Ziefel, was a longstanding volunteer for New Hope Celebrates, and could always be counted on to sell 50/50’s at different benefits.

Lived in Reading, California, Philadelphia, Dallas, Lambertville, Key West, New Hope, Ft. Lauderdale.  He had a variety of jobs throughout his life – from joining the Army in the military police, many different managing positions, including convenience stores, The Cartwheel, 801 Bourbon Street, bartending at Dish Catering and working at John & Peter’s.

He married his husband Gordon Pulaski in 2016, after many wonderful years together.  They shared a special bond that will continue through time.

Joey is survived by his husband, Gordon Pulaski, his mother Vivian, sisters Kim and Bridget, children Norma, Amanda and Justin, and several grandchildren.  He was preceded by Mommom and brother Darryl.

Special thanks to TrustBridge Hospice for keeping him comfortable and his loving family and friends.


Always there to help out the community. 
Assistant and Husband to Gordon Pulaski, NHC Creative Director.
Pride Parade crew for several years.

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