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$5,000 by December - Fundraising Progress

We can’t do this without your support.

Every donation, no matter how big or how small, counts toward reaching our goal. As a voice for our local LGBTQ+ community, we strive to achieve our vision where society is free of prejudice, discrimination, and hate within our community and across our borders.

What do we do with the funds we raise?

We bring engaging and unique LGBTQ+ history programs to the community throughout the year. All proceeds support New Hope Celebrates History online archives, exhibitions, programs and special projects. Our goal is to share our collective LGBTQ+ experience and educate the community both locally and nationally.

Annual NHC History expense distribution.

NHC History Committee plans and develops various exhibits and projects. The executive board of New Hope Celebrates, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3, manages the distribution of funds and grants for all NHC History exhibits and projects.


Annual Expenses Allocation

Digital Archive/Site Expense Allocation

NOTE: This expense distribution does not include special projects or exhibit building expenses. See the list of project in the works that you can sponsor.

Program Sponsorships

Please contact Daniel Brooks, NHC History Director for more information.

Grants Awarded to NHC

NHC has been the recipient of several grants designated to specific history exhibits. Awards have funded the 2019 “Inside Out” rainbow door exhibit in New Hope, the 2018 Equality exhibit at the Bucks County Visitors Center, and the 2017 LGBTQ+ History Gallery Exhibit on 34 S. Main Street in New Hope.

We also rely on volunteers – sign up today. 

Volunteering offers a unique way to experience NHC projects and events. Our diverse, dynamic teams provide great practical experience, a chance to meet new people, and allow our volunteers opportunities to give back to our communities. New Hope Celebrates is a volunteer-driven organization. We require year-round volunteers!

Students are always welcome to support activities and events associated with our web-based archive dedicated to the preservation, celebration and sharing of New Hope’s LGBTQ+ history

Our Programs Include

About our LGBTQ+ Speaker Series: Beginning October 22nd, 2020

For almost a century, New Hope and the surrounding region have attracted creative people; not only as a place of rural retreat and recreation but as a diverse and welcoming community in which to live and work. While best known for its painters, this arts community includes authors, musicians, and other artists as well. These individuals, among whom the LGBTQ+ community is well represented, often have stories of their life and work that would interest a diverse audience.
Program Goals: At this time of social distancing, this project seeks to bring these stories to that wide audience available online via Live Stream.
All our speakers will be available on our YouTube channel for future viewing. Our Speaker Series will serve to inform and further New Hope Celebrates History’s educational goals. 


NHCH Archive:
Funding our website development, adding additional content plus functions such as crowdsourcing tools, and more. Our goal is to share and promote LGBTQ+ history with the global community. 


The Raven Project:
A comprehensive history that chronologically traces the development of the property at 385 W. Bridge St. New Hope, PA. Known as “La Camp” and then “The Raven” the project will show the cultural impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Funding would include a multimedia exhibit including archival objects, narrative, and script culminating in the publication of a printed or e-book.


NHCH at the Library:
Update the NHCH kiosk at the Free Library of New Hope and Solebury, PA. Funding will help develop an LGBTQ+ bibliography, collect relevant books, and purchase a stand-alone book display that will spotlight the importance and make accessible gay literature through the ages.


“Inside and OUT Doors”:
This existing exhibit highlighting the LGBTQ+ history of New Hope is in need of additional funding for the construction of stand-alone steel displays with optional wall mounts, enabling them to easily be set up in a variety of venues. Additionally, we will use funds for the exhibit to tour and be stored properly.


Traveling LGBTQ+ Exhibit:
We are seeking funding for a mobile display unit that is easy to ship and set up, so we can send examples of the LGBTQ+ experience in New Hope to similar tourist destinations, to inform and entice guests to visit our area. LGBTQ+ Museum: We are seeking funding for a permanent

storefront to house the extensive audio-visual LGBTQ+ images and artifacts that tell the tale of our history over the past five decades.


NHC Mission: New Hope Celebrates, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 2003 and incorporated in 2009 – focused on highlighting the history and cultural nuances of New Hope, PA, while stimulating the retail, hospitality, and professional community. NHC is comprised of an Executive Board that drives activities and events that serve the diverse LGBTQ+ populace through the creation and promotion of marketing opportunities, educational activities, and cultural events. Like our annual PRIDE celebration in May and OUT in October Events – NHC History Committee oversees the History Archive and produces educational programs & exhibits.