Tim McMurtry

Tim McMurtry

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Tim McMurtry

Filmmaker, Photographer, Director, Editor & Friend “I Remember Mother” a documentary

Tim McMurtry worked as a freelance filmmaker and photographer. His most noteworthy, documentary work was a short film, ‘‘I Remember Mother, about the life of local New Hope, PA personality, and drag performer, Joe “Mother Cavellucci. McMurtry also volunteered to shoot footage of local LGBT events for nearly the past twenty years: Miss Gay USofA PA, and drag shows at The Raven and The Cartwheel.

Without Tim McMurtry’s vision to capture New Hope’s drag scene, and its talented performers, we would have no record of these wonderful shows. Our community is indebted to Tim for seeing the value in documenting these events, his talent in capturing them on film and making sure they would not be lost to time. Capturing many local “characters,” Tim also filmed “it’s Todd’s Show,” the brainchild of Laura Schrock. ltsToddsShow.com offers many comedy shorts about a dog and his adventures including the popular “Bark Hollywood”.

Tim is survived by Chris Messina, his partner for 8 years.

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