The Making of The NHC Rainbow Equality Flag

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Celebrating history in the making –
The Making of The NHC Rainbow Equality Flag – a stitch in time!
“Follow the Rainbow Equality Flag to the River towns of New Hope & Lambertville

Celebrating history in the making – The Making of The NHC Rainbow Equality Flag – a stitch in time!
“Follow the Rainbow Equality Flag to the River towns of New Hope & Lambertville

For the past decade, New Hope has had the pleasure of hosting a section of the world-famous Key West Rainbow Flag.  Designed by Gilbert Baker, sponsored by ABSOLUT and commissioned by The Florida Keys & Key West Bureau of Tourism, the flag was a tribute to the creation of the first pride flag on its 25th anniversary. Named Rainbow 25’s sea to sea flag, it stretched 1.25 miles along Duval Street from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

The flag first came to New Hope in 2004 and has been featured at the corner of Bridge and Main Streets to signify New Hope Celebrates Pride Week.  The larger 100-foot section of the flag joined the New Hope Celebrates Pride parade in 2005. Each year the Flag has graced our festival offering a beacon of hope and delivering a message of love, diversity, and acceptance.

We would like to thank The Key West Business Guild and The Key West Bureau of Tourism for the use of their historic flag over the past 10 years. It has been a great partnership and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Although the flag is unavailable for our use this year, fear not as the winds of change have brought us a spectacular opportunity for us to carry on this important tradition in a new way. We are truly excited to announce that we have commissioned Humphry’s Flag Company (www.humphreysflag.com), in Philadelphia to create our very own eight-color, 15’ by 25’ Rainbow Flag. The new flag will be unveiled from the top of the Starbucks building at our Rainbow Flag Day on at noon Sunday, May 15th, and will be on display throughout our pride festival week.

In addition to this year’s new Rainbow Flag, we will be purchasing an additional 100-foot parade flag that will arrive late 2016 – and will be the featured star of our 2017 Pride Festival. The Flag will reside here in New Hope and we are working on several touring opportunities throughout the year both locally and nationally. The flag will be our ambassador of Love, diversity, and equality – calling out for basic human rights for all.

“New Hope Celebrates own “Rainbow Equality Flag is a gift to the community of New Hope and represents all of its residents – past, present, and future.  We hope that this flag which has been a symbol to the entire LGBT community worldwide will serve as a reminder of New Hope’s remarkable history of acceptance and inclusiveness. Said Gordon Pulaski, NHC’s Creative & Marketing Director.

Recently featured as one of the four LGBT events to enjoy this spring on HuffPost Queer Voices and Fagabond.com, the highlight of the week is the Pride Parade and Fair on Sat. May 21. The parade will begin in Lambertville, NJ at 11:30 AM; crossing over the bridge into New Hope, Pa. There will be floats and marching bands including the Big Apple Corps and the DC Drummers. This is the only nationally recognized Pride Parade that crosses a state line.  There will also be a Pride Fair Saturday afternoon, offering goods, services, and food.  On the outside stage will be performances by the Josh Zuckerman Band, The Doylestown School of Rock, Christine Havrilla & the Gypsy Fuzz, Christine Martucci, and The Band of Love.

There will be a great line-up of entertainment during the entire week. The Raven, New Hope, Pa., will have dance parties with special DJs, piano sing-a-longs, an art exhibit featuring The Queens of New Hope, and a performance by CeCe Peniston in the Rrazz Room. They will also host Sunday brunch on May 22 followed by the poolside T-dance. Havana will sponsor the annual “Official Pride Women’s Party on Sunday, May 22.

For more information about the NHC Pride Festival please visit New Hope Celebrates

Rainbow Flag History:

The first design of the Rainbow Flag – By Gilbert Baker, included eight stripes, each a different color with its own symbolism. Pink represented sex, red represented life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit. Pink had to be dropped because, at that time, it was not a commercially available color. Indigo would later be removed so that the flag would have an even six stripes.

The Rainbow Flag has become the international symbol of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender movement and is arguably one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. While Baker is proud of his creation, he is humbled by its status as the flag of a worldwide movement.

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