2016 – August –October: LGBTA Community History Exhibit

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New Hope Celebrates Retro-Scope pop-up exhibit opens doors to the past…

New Hope Celebrates yesterday, today and tomorrow with the opening of its Pop-Up Exhibit which features a look at New Hope’s rich LGBTA history. It’s a community based project which will rely on individual contributions of both content and funds. And while Retro-Scope is still in its infancy it shows amazing promise. “It’s taken me a while to really grasp the enormity of this project and how engaging it can be, and how amusing and unique the stories are. With the help of the entire community I know we can create something wonderful to share with future generations.??? said Gordon Pulaski, Creative Director for NHC.

Dan Brooks and Sara Scully are the master minds behind the Retro-Scope archive project. Founded in 2014 and funded by grants and private donations and managed by NHC. Retro-Scope is basically an online repository of information, photos, objects, maps and a virtual timeline. This website will ultimately reveal stories from the past and present. “It’s important to share these amazing stories with the next generation – remember our friends who have passed and celebrate the struggles and the good times from our communities’ LGBTA past.??? Said Daniel Brooks, founder of NHC and Retro-Scope.

The goal of our Pop-Up LGBTA Community History Exhibit is multi-faceted: Share what we have already gathered, engage the community and its visitors, open a conversation to gain interest in folks sharing their stories and personal images from the past and present. Here are a few of the collections we will feature Change Makers and Local legends, Political Campaigns, Remember Me, Our Ally’s, Artists & Musicians and of course Hangout’s – New Hope’s favorite places past and present that have shaped our community. We invite everyone to stop by and visit our Exhibit located at 34 South Main St. New Hope, Pa. We will be here until October 30th 2016. This exhibit is for all to share in the spirit of unity and equality.  

The space is open the public and we will be conducting video and recorded interviews in our retro lounge with anyone who cares to share stories about new hopes past. Also we are looking for vintage photos to add to our collection. Email Daniel Brooks at: dbrooks@retro-Scope.org

Many folks may not remember but it was only 10-15 years ago when it was taboo to take photos at gay establishments for fear of outing someone. We’ve come a long way in such a short time. Now with everyone grasping their mobile smart phone it seems that we are losing that personal social interaction that we once cherished so dearly.

Well if you can’t beat um join um! Retro-Scope is planning a complete responsive re-design of our current site so everyone can view and upload their photos, stories, events and more – posting right from the palms of their hands. And to think that not too long ago Polaroid was the wave of the future, and you had to wait a few minutes to see your pics revealed, then send it in the mail to share it with your friends and family. Many of our younger gen pop may not realize how times have changed in such a short period of time.

You can visit us online at retro-scope.org for links to both New Hoe Celebrates and the RS archive. Note that we are in the process of updating the entire site so now is a great time to stop in and visit our History Bar or our Retro Lounge and share your untold stories. #untoldstories

Our Retro-Scope Kiosk is also on display at the New hope Soulbury Public Library for all to explore, also featured on the library shelfs are a collection of LGBT reading and reference materials.


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October – Observing LGBT History Month
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Bob Skiba: Curator of Collections at LGBT Archives at the William Way Community Center

NHC Would like to thank the Bucks Count Play house, Ryan Fuller and all the volunteers that made tis Pop Up – Possible. Christine Ramirez – Installation, Gordon Pulaski – Art & Creative Direction, Brian Dido, Roger Green, Sharon Fronanbarger, Chrissy Mertz, Terence, Ryan Jameson, Elisa Fusco,

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