Live reading of Steffi Moores Last Dance at Paradise in the Oak Room of the Raven

Live reading of Steffi Moore’s “Last Dance at Paradise”

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Stefani Moore: My thanks to Scott Davis, David Moore, Joe Black, and William D Rech for helping with the reading. Great job by all! I fully expect to see you each on Masterpiece Theater soon. 🙂 It Was a great time. Big thanks to New Hope Celebrates for featuring the book.

Joe Black: Had a wonderful time and it really meant the world to be asked. Being away from my New Hope family for so long reminds me how much I love and miss them. Thank you so much Stefani M. XOXO~

William D Rech: I had a wonderful time doing the reading and participating. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of it.

Daniel Brooks You are a better everything. Always so happy when you are with

David Moore Honored to have been part of this. If you have not read the book yet. You MUST pick up a copy it’s great.

Scott Davis It was a PRIVILEGE to be asked to be part of this !!!! Great memories. Great friends. AND…. a GREAT community !!! THANK YOU ALL !!



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