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Gerber/Hart Library & Archives

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Gerber/Hart Library and Archives were founded in 1981 on the belief that knowledge is key to dispelling homophobia and the marginalization of sexual and gender minorities.   Gerber/Hart collects, preserves, and makes accessible items related to LGBTQ history and culture. Open to everyone, Gerber/Hart is dedicated to promoting research, learning, exploration, and discovery in a safe atmosphere. Focused primarily on the Midwest, Gerber/Hart has grown to become one of the larger independent LGBTQ libraries and archives, containing a 22,500 volume circulating library, 600 periodicals, 700 newsletters, 150 archive collections (980 linear feet), 1,700 linear feet of Special Collections items, and four exhibition venues.


Gerber/Hart Library and Archives believe that knowledge is the key to dispelling homophobia and the marginalization of gender and sexual minorities. A lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ)* library, archives, and cultural center, Gerber/Hart Library and Archives is dedicated to meeting the information needs of its unique community in a safe atmosphere that promotes research, exploration, and discovery.

As a library, Gerber/Hart Library and Archives are committed to acquiring, preserving, and disseminating materials that embody the culture and history of LGBTQ people.

As an archive, Gerber/Hart Library and Archives is the repository for the records, papers, and other realia of LGBTQ life, focusing primarily in the Chicago metropolitan area and the Midwest.

As a cultural center, Gerber/Hart Library and Archives make its collection active and accessible to the public through displays, talks and lectures, workshops, and classes, as well as performance, video, and film.

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives’s collection and programming reflect the diversity and rich history of the LGBTQ community. A permanent institution, Gerber/Hart Library, and Archives is committed to the sound management of its resources.

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