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Art Mazzei

Art Mazzei has made New Hope/Bucks County his home for the past 30 years. Having grown up in Huntington, New York, Art lived in New York City and the Hamptons.

He met his spouse of 35 years on Long Island and said they started looking for a home here after a drive through town.

He said they discovered Bucks County on a day trip. Art said, “We were excited by the activity and energy of the town and his first impression was of “a free, friendly, and artistic community. At first, they were looking for a country retreat but decided that they “wanted to plant roots and make it our home.

Art taught High School English in the New York School system for 30 years. After taking early retirement, he secured his real estate license. Real estate was in Art’s family; his sister owned two real estate companies on Long Island. Art said, “I guess that when I was in my childhood, the first makings of a realtor developed.  My father was a contractor and nothing to me was more exciting than visiting a new home under construction and the smell of pine.

With that vision, he went on to open his own boutique realty, Addison Wolfe. Going into its tenth year, Addison Wolfe has grown into a major real estate company.

Art said, “I’m immensely proud of the success we’ve achieved as a team. We set out to create something different in the real estate business, and our business model has rewarded us with outstanding clients and immensely talented and dedicated realtors who make it all possible.

Besides his real estate business, Art has immersed himself in New Hope. He said, “The community has the feeling of an extended family. He mentions the community’s response to Pride Week as one of his favorite New Hope memories.

Art said, I was born and raised a New Yorker, but within a brief period of time, I met people who judged you as a person and not by your profession or status.

In 2010, the film Embraceable You won the New Hope International Film Festival award. It is no surprise that Art Mazzei was on the board of the film’s production company, Up River Productions. Embraceable You is a documentary of the people who have made New Hope the diverse community it is.

Art said, “I quickly wanted to become part of this community that welcomed me and I, in turn, hoped to contribute whatever I could to an area that was so receptive and kind to me.??? Only one and a half hours from New York City, Art said that when he crosses the bridge into New Hope he “can breathe.???

When not working, he enjoys going to Karla’s, Martine’s, The Raven, and the Logan Inn. He is happy to have witnessed the re-birth of the Bucks County Playhouse.

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