2004 NHC Pride 1st Annual – October 22nd to 24th

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Pride Fest 2004

Themes for this year: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Notable Accomplishments:
Kickoff was train journey, mule barge ride, street fair at school, KettleOne Ice Bar at Raven, Sharon McKnight, History of Gay New Hope.  “InfoMart at Triumph kicked off by Governor Ed Rendell.

Board Members: list to come

Photos by Mark Magraff 

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Pride Printed Collateral

Various printed materials from PRIDE Events over the years. Designed and produced by Gordon Pulaski, NHC Creative Director who started working with NHC in 2009.

Philip Nicolosi

Philip Nicolosi Phil grew up in Boston, Mass. His best friend since 5th. Grade was Jimmy Skea. Jimmy met and fell in love with Donnie