National News Archive Footage: LGBTQ+
Gay Rights and other archivial films.

1970s News Clips on Gay Rights

HOW WE GOT GAY tells the incredible story of how gay men and women went from being the ultimate outsiders to occupying the halls of power, with a profound influence on our cultural, political, and social lives.

1990s News Clips On Gay Rights

In 1967, CBS News aired a documentary called “CBS Reports: The Homosexuals.” In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, CBS News’ Steve Hartman took a look at that film to see just how much attitudes to gays have changed.

Gay Bar 1968,” is part eleven (11/15) of “The Search for Life in Distant Galaxies,” a multi-part experimental video project being developed for the Internet by Rudy Lemcke.

Simple Matter of Justice is
a powerful and moving piece documenting the lesbian, gay and bisexual movement in the early 1990’s. The video expresses all the emotions of the joyful protest that was the 1993 March on Washington.