Hope Ridge Farm -

January’s Gay Nightclub

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Januarys Gay Nigh Club at Hope Ridge Farm

Originally Hope Ridge Farm built-in 1800 – In the mid-1970s on the property known as Hope Ridge Farms, a large red barn at 2050 Aquetong Road was transformed into a disco called January’s, It was arguably the most popular disco club of its day – (i.e. unlicensed) Gay nightclub with a mixed crowd. For only a few years, locals and visitors from far and wide were lucky to dance under the lights and mirror ball until it was abruptly closed after only a few short years in the ’70s.

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Once upon a time, there was a place called Januarys. Let me take you on a trip down Memory Lane. Or was that Aquetong Road. Who am I? Just one of the dancers from the dance no one will remember, and yet, for a brief moment in time, at this particular club, I felt as if I was a member of some magical fraternity in the aesthetic center of the universe. I can still recall the last song I heard there. It was a Thursday evening and I was standing with my friend Ken at the edge of an almost empty dance floor watching one particular couple dancing to,” Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.” I will never forget that song and the image of that moment. Nothing before or since has been so wonderful.

DJ James Urban – I worked as the DJ for 10 months in 1975!


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