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Glenn Kehler-Ricci – Picture This

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Glenn Kehler-Ricci – Picture This
Picture this…1975…a few failed attempts at college, and I’m back living with my parents in Quakertown. One night, still closeted, I hop into my 1968 Chevy Nova and drive up and down the streets of Allentown looking for anything that might resemble “the” gay bar I had heard existed off Hamilton Street. Yanking at the corner of my mouth, I wonder if the steps full of flamboyantly dressed men in drag might be the spot.

At 19, 5’4”, 95lbs and looking 12 years old, I was immediately denied entry to the world on the other side of the silver tinsel-draped entry. Clad in brown corduroy bellbottoms and a plaid skin-tight Henley, while walking my disappointed ass back to my car, I was approached by Denny, a blue-eyed hunk of a man. He promised me entry into a gay bar in New Hope. I give him a lift…

…and that, my friends, was the beginning of my ongoing love affair with New Hope, the gay scene, and establishing myself in a community that I so love and admire. After a series of relationships, operating a successful business, purchasing a home, adopting my daughter (the love of my life), participating in many community-based fundraising events, cultivating amazing friendships, and experiencing heartache in the age of A.I.D.S, New Hope and its gay scene has not only become my way of life…it is my family and my home. Home is where the heart is, and my home and heart are in New Hope.

Read the Book – An Enlightened Community 20th Century LGBT Stories of New Hope, Pennsylvania

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