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 Lee, Eric 12/11/62 – 1/13/22 

“The world lost an incredibly beautiful human being this week. Eric Lee was absolute love, wit, and magic in human form. A pillar of our little town of New Hope, PA.” – John Charles, New Hope 

Eric Lee was born in Binghamton, New York, and was adopted when he was one year old. He was raised in Cranbury, NJ, and then moved to Ewing, NJ. He recently connected to his biological brother in California, through a DNA match on Before Eric’s passing, he was talking to his brother every night. 

When Eric was only 8 years old and already reading tarot cards, his mom took him to Hemetro in New Hope (the former Mystickal Tymes). As a young child, Eric told the store’s owner Phyllis that one day he would own the store. 

In 1982, he met the love of his life in a bar in Trenton. Ed Kimble and Eric committed to each other a year later and remained a devoted couple until Eric’s passing. Ed said it was a “tumultuous relationship, we challenged each other but leaned on each other”. They challenged each other to be the best they could be. 

Eric was a professional hairdresser for 30 years. Never losing his talents, Eric would style and dress all the New Hope Queens before a pageant or a show, building up their confidence and calming their fears. He was present in every New Hope Celebrates Parade behind the scenes. He was responsible for creating Berrie Lyndon, Ed Kimble’s drag persona and always supported and encouraged him. Ed said, “he was the face behind Berrie Lyndon.” 

In 1994, Eric and Ed bought Mystickal Tymes in New Hope, fulfilling Eric’s childhood dream. Eric served the Wiccan community and was a well- known Reverend. People would come into the store for spiritual guidance, and he was always willing to help those seeking it. He was a naturally gifted prophet and was a gatekeeper of people’s secrets. A couple once came in to see Eric in their wedding attire, years after proposing in the store. 

A friend of Eric’s once admired a bracelet he had on. He took it off and gave it to her saying if someone else admires it pass it on to them. His closest friends said Eric’s friendship was without judgement and they most admired his truth, wisdom and honesty. 

Eric was also a big animal lover and rescued dogs for over 38 years. He also loved to cook and had a Facebook page with his partner Ed, If 2Fags Can Cook so Can You! Eric would be chopping and sautéing and never forgetting his dry sense of humor. After making so many batches of food, they would give it all away to people in need. 

As one of Eric’s friends said, “New Hope has lost a legend and it will never be the same.” 

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