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What exactly is the History Archive?​

Simply put New Hope Celebrates History is a digital archive website created by New Hope Celebrates, Inc. to store our LGBTQ+ history for future generation. NHCH seeks content that supports and documents the history of LGBTQ+ New Hope, Bucks County Pa. to preserve its community and visitors to the site.  

Can I search the Archives?​

Coming soon: We will be adding the ability for anyone to search the site by keywords and find photos, stories, and videos of your friends and favorite places from past decades. 

How do I contribute to content?

You can share the story of your extraordinary life by becoming one of our narrators and being interviewed. We will schedule an interview with you at a time and location of your choice to create a video and transcribed the archival record of the stories of your own extraordinary life.
If you do not think your life is all that extraordinary, think again. Each of us has taken a unique journey, and these different stories and perspectives all contribute to the understanding of our collective LGBTQ+ history.

Who can submit content for the Archive?

Anyone can submit content or biographies. If you know someone who you think should be recognized or remembered in our Archives please contact us. Select the Biography Questionnaire button below and complete the form.

Who can participate in the Archive?

You do not have to be a native of New Hope, Bucks County Pa. to be interviewed. People who have moved here and people who have once lived in New Hope and have since moved away are also welcome to share their unique stories. Share your photos, documents, and artifacts that help tell your personal stories and memories.

Can I volunteer my time and talent.

You may also volunteer your time or services in support New Hope Celebrates History project by joining one of our committee teams. The Archive is an ongoing project, and there are no deadlines to participate or contribute content or to volunteer. history@newhopcecelebrates.org

How are the funds and grants used?

Funds raised allow NHCH to acquire hardware and software, maintain our online accounts, and provide essential operating support. Grants also enable us to fund special history exhibits and educational experiences for LGBTQ+ youth and the community.

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