About our collections

What you will find in our various collections.

New Hope Celebrates History collections comprised of items of interest from New Hope’s LGBTQ+ past. We feature physical artifacts, articles, photos, stories, and biographies, etc.

We are continually seeking materials to fill particular gaps in our archives that help document New Hope’s “GAY” life from the late 60’s – the late ’90s and contemporary history late 90s – 2019

We also offer addtional reference on national LGBTQ+ events in history

Here are the categories you can search:


Change Makers & Legends
Divas & Queens
Remember Me


Photo Albums – Various photo collections
Scrapbook – News Clipings, Letters & Anouncments
Snapshots – Individual photos
Artifacts – Shirts, Match Packs, Clouthing, Furnature, etc.
Exhibits & Events – Pride Festivals, History Exhibits


To inquire about donating a collection please email us at… history@newhopecelebrates.com