Our Project Goals

Our Project Goals

At the heart of our New Hope Celebrates History project. We wish to document, record, archive then present the history of the “Gay” community of New Hope PA, a history mostly overlooked by mainstream society.

Locate individuals who have knowledge of the LGBTQ+ history of New Hope and encourage them to share that their stories and unique perspectives before they are no longer able to do so.

Encourage not only the LGBTQ+ community of New Hope Pa but visitors to learn about our rich history of diversity through presentations, exhibits and on-line virtual archives that present the stories and memories of the past. Knowing this history is important to everyone in all communities because it sheds a light on the struggles and triumphs of earlier generations. It also puts in perspective how New Hope was unique in its early adoption of “Gay” – LGBTQ+ life styles. It also draws a parallel between local and national events in the evolution of the civil rights movement both past and present.

To teach and foster understanding based on our community’s struggle for equality helps put in perspective how the LGBTQ+ community has developed and matured together. History provides both a sense of accomplishment and inspiration for current and future generations.

It is our hope that the telling of these stories will not only amuse and delight our viewers but serve those still struggling, help build inner strength and to give them a sense of inspiration and encouragement to continue on their human journey.