So what exactly is the New Hope Celebrates History Archive?

Simply put New Hope Celebrates History is a digital archive website created by New Hope Celebrates, Inc to store our LGBTAQ+ history for future generations to discover. It’s a repository of change makers, photos, stories, videos and interviews of  those that have shaped our community both locally and nationally.

What you can do here…

Our search engine
Search the site by key word and find photos, stories, and videos of your friends and favorite places from the past four decades. Search is the white box at the very top, right side of this page.

Hangouts – Community Landmarks
A map of spots we’ve ID’d that are significant to our LGBTQ+ community here in New Hope and the surrounding area of Bucks County PA. and Lambertville, NJ.

A digital time-line
A linear view of milestones, and memorable events in our community’s history, since 1930’s to the current day. We are continuously adding new information.

Change Makers & Legends
A director of noteworthy community members that have shaped our community their accomplishments and achievements.

Our Allies
Where would we be without our allies, for who’s help and support within the straight community we would be lost their acceptance.

Remember Me
A directory of significant community members who are gone from our lives, but remain in our hearts.

Artists, Divas & Queens, Photo Albums, Scrap Book and more…

Adding Items to the archive
Please contact us and we will assist you in submitting your digital files. If you have originals we will make arrangements to have your items converted and added to our site.

Our Current Initiatives

We are currently working to develop more efficient ways of gathering the vital information we need to complete our initial tasks. While our archive is based on past history it our goal to make it engaging and interactive for everyone to use, lay the ground work for future stories and items to be added. Its organic and crowd sourced information will be continually added to documenting and painting a complete history of the LGBTQ+ community here in New Hope, Bucks County, Pa.