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Here’s your chance to share your story​

New Hope Celebrates History would like you to contribute your personal experiences and share memories, stories, photos, memorabilia, and more. We will add your submissions to the official NHC History Archive and feature them across our social media channels. We are recording and archiving New Hope’s “GAY” history to share and preserve it for future generations to learn and enjoy.

A Message from our Director – Dan Brooks

“Especially in uncertain times, the preservation of our history is of essential importance. Thanks to the hard-working team at New Hope Celebrates History, we continue our amazing New Hope-Lambertville Web site and archive vessel for enshrinement and enlightenment of our LGBTQ+ community.
During October 2020’s National LGBT History Month, we have devised some virtual shows and presentations for your enjoyment, kicking off our free “Artist & Authors” LGBTQ+ Speaker Series by our own Bob Egan: “At Home With Odette: the life and times of Odette Myrtil and the Riverhouse” on October, 22nd.
Also check out our new comprehensive LGBTQ+ bibliography, a special virtual preview of an upcoming (hopefully live) event, “With Open Arms and Open Hearts.” and a presentation of Equality Forum’s top 400 LGBT Icons.
Daniel Brooks,  NHC History Program Director

Our Community Biographies

Our Biography Collection highlights individuals, both living and those that have passed. We celebrate all the fantastic people who have shaped the unique communities of New Hope, Bucks County PA, and Lambertville NJ.

These personal stories of friends, family, and events will be forever remembered, and hold a special place in the LGBTQ+ history collective. Please complete the Biography pre-interview form and we will get back to you to schedule an interview.

What does this History Archive contain?

The NHC History archive contains hundreds of digitized images – collections of personal artifacts, papers, photographs, audiovisual recordings, and organizational records. These collections include unpublished material such as letters, diaries,and scrapbooks documenting the lives of New Hope’s LGBTQ+ population, community leaders, and local gay legends. You will also discover references to many community organizations, businesses, and political campaigns. QUESTIONS? Visit our FAQ page >

Help Us Keep Our History Alive

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